Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celebrity Death

We've all spent the last week or so mourning the death of Whitney Houston, one of the great vocalists we've enjoyed hearing over the past thirty or so years.  Sad as the situation is, it was almost predictable.  Ms Houston spent her time and her fortune trying to chemically alter reality while ignoring her great gift she could've continued to pass on to her fans. 

Sometimes, reality is a real bitch.  People treat you bad.  You experience aches and pains.  The enviorment isn't always pretty.  Some days you eats the bear; some days the bear eats you.  Life goes on. 

I'll admit that I have taken an pill or two to get rid of a headache but taking a pill to make yourself happy is a fantasy.  Things sort themselves out and, if you have the benefit of nearly unending wealth, your options are much greater than most.  Do something nice for someone, if all else fails. 

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