Sunday, March 10, 2013

About turning 70

It may be due to advancing age (I turned the big seven-zero on the 6th), but I have great concerns about the future of our wonderful country and, as well, the future of the planet.  I have almost discontinued listening to national news; it's full of name calling, failures to compromise, and just darn pig-headedness (apologies to swine). 

Our population has become a species of entitled individuals who have little or no idea of what personal responsibility might be and the people that lead the country, both in the political arena and in business, are the most gross examples of this lack.  Nothing is anyone's fault! 

If I am a congressperson or a state legislator or a governor or a mayor or, even, a president - I know what is best for the folks and I deserve to profit  from my actions.  I deserve all of the money, the goodies, the trips and the respect.  I deserve to be worshipped.  The notion of civil service as a duty or a moral commitment has long since become missing.  If I run a business, damn the environment, damn those who do the work and damn the politicians who try to extort more cash out of me for their own benefit in getting reelected. 

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  1. Why Dad, you're sounding...positively progressive.