Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't Ask; Don't Tell

As a libertarian, I'd be likely to not really care about a person's sexual persuasion as long as they didn't want to make it an issue.  What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.....etc.  I served over twenty years in the U.S. Air Force and, although we suspected some of our own may be homosexual (this was before the term "gay" was coined).  Why gay?  Are heterosexuals sad?  Anyway, nobody brought it up.  In fact, although sexual matters were readily discussed, nobody ever had a problem if they opted out of the discussion.  As an officer, I had to ride herd on the younger military members so that harmones didn't get in the way of good military order.

Now, my successors are going to be ordered to accept openly gay persons into the ranks.  Time will tell how this will work in combat.  We can only hope.

The second concern I have is that we continue to approach the precipice edge atop the slippery slope.  Point one is that sexual behavior, from a biological standpoint, is designed to ensure that the species will survive through production of progeny.  Nature, or whoever designed the system, made the act feel real good to encourage the participants.  In and of itself, the act is most to satisfy the physical.  The majority of humans are attracted to the opposite sex by reasons of biology.  If attracted to the same sex, the reason seems to be physical pleasure and is really a conscious adaption.  No one has ever discovered a "gay gene." 

Point two is by tacit approval or by giving legitimacy to this life style, it's only a short hop to accepting other lifestyles.  Some that come to mind include incest, polygamy, polyandry, pedophelia, bestiality, necrophelia - to name a few.  Over the centuries, we've sort of agreed as a species that these things were contrary to the safety and progression of society and should not be condoned. 

The question that I am left with is this - how far are we willing to go in our pursuit of pleasure before we lose our humanity.  Although many of these practices may be shown to be "victimless," the purpetrator may just be victimizing himself.

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