Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can't Go Home Again

My bride and I spent a couple of weeks, less a day or so, on a road trip back to some of the places we've lived.  I spent 21 years in the Air Force and so we got around.  As a young captain, we were stationed at Fort Worth, TX at what was Carswell Air Force Base.  After that, we were transferred to Bellevue, NE, to what was Strategic Air Command Headquarters.  Bellevue is just south of Omaha.

Took us four days to get to Fort Worth.  We stopped for a couple of days in New Mexico.  Fort Worth has grown by leaps and bounds.  Where we bought our first home, used to be the end of Fort Worth's western boundary.  Today the city goes on further west than we could see.  The base is now a naval air station.  We drove around and only recognized a few places.  Lots of new construction.  Our first home has fared well and we were happy to see that someone had kept it up. 

After a couple of days in Texas, we drove to Nebraska.  Bellevue is a little bit bigger but seems prosperous.  Our home, the second we bought, also had fared well and had been upgraded.  It was also nice to see that it had good occupants.

We then drove back to California. 

We both enjoyed the trip; but, we both also felt the same feeling that there is no way we could return to those parts of our lives.  The past was the past and we could never repeat it, only recall it.  Nostalgia isn't all it's purported to be......

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