Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My wife and I had completed a 4000 mile automobile trip and we arrived back home just before the wedding of William and Kate.  My daughter was visiting and so she and my wife sat down to watch the recording I had made of the big shindig.  For the next 6 or so hours, I "watched the watchers" as I went about my business. 

Royalty, like much of organized religion, is another sham perpetrated on the folks but some slick operators.  Somehow, these folks have convinced everyone in Great Britain that they are the appropriate persons to hold the position of ruler of this country.  Even though the position is largely ceremonial as no power to govern exists, they are still held in high esteem, own a lot of valuable real estate, are supported by public funds and are followed by all of the news organizations.  Queen Liz can't have a hangnail without all of the world's press organization sending interviewers.  Sounds just like the attention given to the Pope when he has a bout with the flu, or something similar.

When I visit the British Isles, as a courteous tourist, I do not expound on the idiocy of the notion that some elderly lady has a "divine right" to govern me and that she was forordained to this purpose by a controlling diety.

In addition, the papers and television news coverage of the Queen's family, including kids and grandkids and ex grandkids in-law sent reporting entourages to every party, wedding, birth or other event. 

Come on.  When are we going to grow up and quit aspiring to be princes and princesses?

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